Am I Ready To Press the 53lb Kettlebell?

English: Three commonly used kettlebells (Drag...

English: Three commonly used kettlebells (Dragon Door Brand) of various sizes – photographed in Florida, crummy background removed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, a word on Pavel and the RKC. Right after it was announced he and John Du Cane were parting ways, site traffic jumped on my kettlebell posts. 


Pavel is a master trainer and I first learned about him when a friend gave me Power To The People. When I picked up a kettlebell, I went to Pavel on Amazon and got Enter The Kettlebell. And I haven’t left the program laid out in that book yet. The Rite of Passage just plain works. I started with a 30lb kettlebell and will start on a 53lb on Monday.

John has lots of various experts, Al, Paul Wade and Master RKCs like Dave Whitely, Dan Johns and Geoffery Neupert. I see both sides evolving and growing. They have the potential.

Now…on to the test. To see if you’re ready to press the next size bell, Pavel wrote in ETK that you rest a couple of days and then Press the next size up kettlebell as much as you can.

Five  reps is the minimum to move up.

Fitness Progress Report:

Military Press with the 53lb.

         Left: 5 times                         Right: 5 times

At least I’m balanced.

  • One-Rep Max Weight

         Left:60lbs (was 56lbs)      Right: 60lbs (was 55lbs)

Not a whole lot of difference, just a few weeks back I tested this. But it’s improvement. And this is why I’m not worried about Pavel. Plus I’m 12lbs from pressing half my bodyweight. Not far.

Now I wonder how many reps my friends will get next week at Wolf Fest. Oh yeah, have kettlebell, will travel.



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