This site used to be filled with political posts. I even campaigned for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party in 2012. After that season, I was pretty burned out and took a break. I read ConCom by Rory Miller and then was done with politics altogether after seeing the dynamics at work underneath it all. … Continue reading Jesus>Politics

The Questions We All Face

What’s wrong with the world? Is it ever going to change? I looked on CNN’s website to see headlines about corrupt countries, earthquakes, arson, and refugees fleeing violence in their countries. Everything is obviously broken. It even hits close to home. Abusive relationships, illness, job loss, family and friends going down a dangerous path to … Continue reading The Questions We All Face

Following Jesus, Is Your Heart In It?

I was studying about when Jesus ate with Levi and his friends. The religious leaders looked down their noses at that. They asked, “Why does he eat with sinners?” Jesus’s reply was that he came for the sick, not the healthy. Matthew records something else he said to religious leaders: “But go and learn what … Continue reading Following Jesus, Is Your Heart In It?