Six Weeks Into the Rite of Passage; Where Am I Now?

Did my second assessment, now lets see where a steady diet of kettlebells got me. 
Fitness Progress Report:
Functional: Increases across the board.
  • 11 more pushups than before, a total of 41 now. Not to my goal, but closer. 10 more to hit it. Pushups are a weak spot for me.
  • 19 more squats(below parallel) until I lost my form. 80. Getting stronger.
  • 31 seconds longer holding pushup position(plank) than 6 weeks back. 121 seconds. Goal Accomplished.
  • Pressed the 44lb kettlebell 1 time with my right arm, twice with the left. I have pressed it more right after I got it. It may be because I didn’t test fresh today.
Body Composition
I added 1/2 inch to my chest, and my shoulders stayed the same. Same with my waist, thighs, and a 1/4 inch gain on my neck. Forearms and biceps remained the same. Calves lost 1/4 inch. However, overall I’m tighter.

Gained .93lbs of body fat or up to 12.61%. Not even a half a percentage point. I’m cool with that considering the 1.47lb gain in muscle. 125.6lb of Lean Body Mass.
Exercise is only part of it, diet is most of it. And I average 140.35 grams of protein a day. My carbohydrates intake is 115.5 grams average. Now for those who follow conventional wisdom this next stat will get your attention…125.3 grams of fat a day. My carb intake is in the body maintenance zone but I need a little more protein.
And I only weigh 143.8 lbs. That’s from eating Primal. My goal towards more muscle is on its way.
The Rite of Passage, My Way
I worked the Rite Of Passage (RoP) from Enter The Kettlebell by Pavel (ETK). Started with 1-2-3 x 3 ladders doing the One-Arm Kettlebell Military Press and at this point 1-2-3-4 x 3 and 1-2-3 x 2 on my Heavy lifting days (Mondays). And Kettlebell Swings as hard as I can, for a time limit determined by the roll of two dice. That’s my conditioning after the strength training of the presses.
Then I have a day off on Tuesday and Wednesday is my Light day, not easy, but light. My presses currently on that day is 1-2 x 5 followed by Kettlebell Snatches, same as Swings but I usually just do 5, switch hands, do 5 and repeat for the time limit. Not fast but it usually pushes my heartrate higher than the Heavy Swings.
Thursday is a Variety Day, I can do whatever or nothing, depending on how I feel. 3 weeks in I started doing Turkish Get-Ups/Windmill combo for 5-6 minutes, and then Crush Curls for 3 or 5 reps for 2 sets. May do ladders eventually. I do those to work my In-Between Strength, whatever the Presses, Swings and Snatches don’t hit.
I don’t have my arms sticking out to the side when I do Crush Curls.
Friday is the Moderate Day, or 1-2-3 x 5 for the MPs and Swings at 70%. Then Saturday is a Variety Day, same as Thursday and Sunday…I rest or test.
Now I’m going to continue doing the RKC Rite of Passage of Cleans, Presses, Swings and Snatches with my kettlebell. I’m halfway through now. By the time the next assessment rolls around in 6 weeks I’ll be at 1-2-3-4-5 x 5. An incredible 75 reps for each arm!

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