Why Do These Things Keep Happening; Some Thoughts…

Let’s time-travel to a garden where an otherworldly being asks two people a question.

“Did God really say?”

Ever since then, its gone to crap. 

Spiritually, dark forces are at play and working in tandem with people globally and individually.

Why do these things keep happening? 

A lot of reasons. 

Satan hates kids. Pharoah murdered the Hebrew boys. Kids were placed onto a burning hot idol of Molech to be cooked alive. 

Herod murdered the boys of Bethlehem. In China, if you had more than one kid, you had to kill the ones that came after. 

We’ve killed millions of babies in abortions here in America. 

“Did God really say?”

People are told that there is no objective reality, but when they are confronted with the brute fact that it does, in fact, exist, they crumble.

Is it any wonder that there are so many mental disorders?

Teachers in the place of authority tell children that they may be the opposite sex, molding their pliable minds.

Doctors are giving kids puberty blockers, messing with the hormones and the natural God-ordained course of biology, and thinking that it’s not messing with their minds.

Kids have surgeries where their bodies are mutilated to create a facsimile of a human.

Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Josef Mengele would be proud. 

They shouldn’t do this to kids whose minds aren’t developed enough to make the choices to vote, buy cigarettes and alcohol, buy guns, or join the military.

Have I mentioned Satan hates kids?

In the Garden, a rift formed between Adam and Eve—an attack on the family still happening today. 

An attack on fathers. An attack on boys. Single parents forced to do the best they can.

Children without both parents have poorer outcomes. 

Both parents are needed. Why?

The optimum design is the two-parent family unit. Kids spell L O V E as T I M E. Not money. Involved dads, training, and protecting. Moms are nurturing and caring. 

The future is crafted in the family. So it’s best if they’re healthy. 

We’ve tossed out objective morality and wonder why people justify doing what they want. 

If a kid can decide to get gender transition surgery, who’s to say they can’t make other choices? This is a slippery slope.

Men dressed as women, dancing in front of kids like strippers. I saw a video of a boy about ten years old dressed in a leather dress and stripper boots dancing for men. 

If you’re okay with that, you’re part of the problem. 

I don’t know how to end this, but stand firm if you have both feet planted in reality. 

  • Don’t affirm sin.
  • Don’t bend a knee to this unholy ideology.
  • Don’t live by lies; call a spade a spade. 2+2=4
  • Help the hurting.
  • Never apologize for helping the helpless. 
  • Protect others—natural consequences of doing evil. Never apologize or give up your ability to do so.

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