Where I Get My Propaganda

If there is one thing we’re confident of, the other side’s news source is biased. The kicker is, so is yours and mine. 

There are political ties if it’s a big network or paper. Editors pick which stories to run. Facts are omitted or slanted. 

How do I guard against this? Well, I don’t watch the GOP Propaganda that’s Fox, nor the Democrat Propaganda that’s CNN or MSNBC. 

Check out AllSides.com for their media bias checker. 

My news sources are varied; this is my recommendation for knowing what’s happening in the world. 

  • The Pour Over is billed as “Your politically neutral, Christ-first, news source. The biggest news of the day, summarized in a way you’ll actually understand and enjoy, paired with brief Christian perspectives.”
  • Ground News, which aggregates from other media bias check sites. I like that I get newsletters, including one that shows blindspots for the Left and the Right. They also show what bias a story has, who owns the news source, and if it is low, mixed, or high factuality. I look for a center bias and high factuality.
  • Reuters is a good source for what’s happening in the world. 
  • The Free Press (formerly known as Common Sense) is a favorite substack. Bari Weiss was an NYT editor that got fed up with the censorship and started her own thing. It has a center-left slant as Bari is an O.G liberal. On Fridays, her wife’s TGIF articles look at the week’s news with snark and are worth the $5 I pay monthly. 
  • Not The Bee, which has an admitted bias. It’s the Pour Over if it tilted right and was slightly sarcastic. 
  • The Babylon Bee is satire. Not real news, but man…some of their fake news turns into real news later. The world is crazy. I kind of want to get ahead of the curve. 

There you go, if you are interested. If you want to keep your sanity, stick with the Pour Over. Want in-depth reporting, go with Free Press and Hollie McKay. 

Finally, if you want a comprehensive selection, go with Ground News. Again, because we’re being manipulated, so guard against it.


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