My Free Kettlebell Class.

On the right beside the 44.

A couple of weeks ago my new DragonDoor 24kg/53lb kettlebell came in, and along with it a coupon for ONE free lesson with participating RKC Instructors. Group, boot camp, individual, it’s at the instructor’s discretion. So today I paid a visit to my instructor Brad Hamilton at Life Warrior Fitness. He helped make sure I was ready for the 20kg/44lb bell a few months back.

Today I didn’t have an agenda and since I document every session on Facebook and he’s a friend, he pretty much knows what I’m doing. He just verified, to make sure. Started with the Get-Up. Then we worked shoulder mobility with one move where I pressed a 26lb I think, then keeping it vertical moved my shoulder in rhythm back and forth. Then an Arm Bar with the 18lb, and believe me, from that angle, it’s plenty. I routinely press 44lbs overhead and the 18 was moving a little.

Then we went downstairs into the Dungeon. I forgot the order we had worked. Worked a heavier Get-Up with the 35, and then the 44. Which I hadn’t done before with that kind of weight. Worked Two-Hand Swings, 10 reps with the 35, 5 with the 44, and 5 with the 53. The last time I was with him I leaned back to much. He didn’t say anything so I guess I fixed it. Brad told me to point my feet in a little, more straight than I was. That made it harder. Also Dead-Stop Swings. That will build explosiveness.

Worked on Heavy Cleans a lot to. I was popping my elbow out a little, not as much as last time. And torqueing when I came up got to stay straight. Did Snatches. And though a workout, the 35 was a lot easier now. The 44 was too, up to 5 at least. His only correction on my snatch form was breathing so kick ass on doing better with that technical move.

Finished up with showing me a couple of new stretches, Press Up and Roll Overs and the advice to do Joint Mobility on Variety Days. He had been taking notes and working on a program for my Thursday Variety Day.

5×5 Heavy Cleans with the 53 and five Get-Ups alternating between the 30 and 44, progressing up until all 5 is with the 44. Three sets of 5 Snatches with the 44. That adds to my Monday Snatch Practice as well. So before long RKC Standard maybe? Swings and/or High Pulls 5-10 reps for 3 sets with the 53. When that gets easy…Dead Stop Swings. And he added a technical note on my TGUs about a bigger step forward during the reverse lunge. Occasionally hoist a kettle bell overhead and take a walk.
He was telling me that one of his friends asked if he did Overhead Lunges with weight, that he liked 7lb dumbbells.

I’m sorry, I smirked.

Brad told him about the TGU with weights a lot higher than that. Also learned I’m the only one really Snatching the kettle bell among his clients. I gotta be different I guess, hahaha. He’s working a blend of ROTK and another program so Brad’s going to get a bit more powerful. That’s double kettlebell work. I can’t press doubles yet of substantial weight. I tried.

Anyway, just wanted to post this. For a few reasons, I love kettle bells, it helps me process, and what I love, I share.

For Earlier Posts on Training with an RKC and Kettlebells go here.


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