What Has the 53lb Kettlebell Wrought, and Which Friends Pressed It?

Four weeks into it with the 53lb kettlebell. Normally at this point I’d already be working on (1-2-3)4 and (1-2-3-4)1 except considering the weight I’m dealing with, and I have the time to work it, I’ve slowed down.

Pavel wrote in ETK that you progress every week and while I’m capable of it, I do it every two weeks. Getting more practice and training in.

Mondays is the Light Day. Really light. Single reps per set. Military Pressed the kettlebell for more work. Snatches and High Pulls.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my Variety Days. Thursdays I did the program Brad put together for me. It began with a superset. 5 Heavy Cleans with the 53lb kettlebell followed by a TGU alternating between the 30lb and 44lb kettlebell. Then Snatches with the 44 and Swings with the 53. Not the volume I do on a normal day though. I’ll continue on and progress during the next cycle.

Wednesday is the Medium Day. About 70% of the volume of the Heavy Day. Two rungs per ladder. Still swinging in a circuit.

Saturdays I go big, its the Heavy Day. Currently 3 rungs per ladder.

How much of a difference has the 53 made so far?

Fitness Progress Report:

Body Composition

Let’s look at the difference from before the Cycle with the 44lb.

Body Part                     Before                         After               -/+

Neck                             14.2                              14.3                +.1

Shoulders                44                                  44.25             +.25

Chest                           38.2                             37.5                 -.7

Waist                           31.5                              32                  +.5

Biceps                         12.1                             12.25             +.15

Forearms                 10.50                         10.87             +.37

Thighs                       20.50                        20.87              +.37

Calves                           13.2                         13.5                  +.30

Weight                          145.4lbs                 150.4              +2.0lbs

Body Fat %                  13.0%                     13.5%               +.5%

Lean Body Mass        126.40lbs           129.40            +3.olbs

Some size gain, lean body mass increase. Can’t complain. Good jump in lean body mass. I’m thinking I’ll really start gaining size in the coming weeks as the reps go up.

Oh and for fun, remember when I said my friends would try to beat my 5 rep record with the 53lb kettlebell? Two did.

Wade did, I got him into training with kettlebells so I thought he’d get at least 3 reps. Here’s how he did at this link

So did Wooly, and his results can be found here. Don’t mock the weight, it’s not as easy as you’d think. Wooly didn’t, and months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of pressing that much.

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