Those Who Mourn

The holidays are approaching; they still are not any easier it seems even with the time that passed. I went back to the mountains to hunt this year instead of walk and process. My fatalistic streak remains to a degree I learned. When I got back, I looked at a picture of our godson, remembering how happy he was right before the accident and the shattering of the world. Tears came towards the surface yet refused to fall.

I have been looking at the Beatitudes in depth, a verse a day through three translations and cross-references. ‘Blessed are you who mourn or weep’, Matthew and Luke respectively, ‘for you will be comforted and laugh’. I am not sure about the original meaning of “blessed” whether it is “happy” or “in God’s favor”, but one day I will be comforted and laugh. It is an uphill progress shared by many and at one point or another, everyone. Like the lady next door, whose son died in a wreck last year, friends and family lost to accident or illness over the last year or so.

Remember, we will not forever grieve; we will be comforted and laugh once again, in time.

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