I Shrank…For Now; 2014’s Last Assessment

Last Assessment of the year, the next six week cycle will end early January, and I’m continuing my plan to do the Total Tension Complex for hypertrophy. With that being said, what did the modified Simple Strength program do? As far as my one-rep max I’m still at 62lbs or 41% of my bodyweight, a stalemate except for the improved trunk strength from hardstyle planks, farmer walks and suitcase carries. I cannot complain there though I think I would need more time to coax the press strength up. I’m already plotting out the first part of next year. Now to see what my body composition looks like.

Body Composition (inches)

Body Part                      Before                  After                   -/+

Neck                               14.2                 14.0              -0.2

Shoulders             43.25                  42                   -1.25

Chest                      37.5                   36.2                              -1.3

Waist                             33                        32.5         -.5

Biceps                    12.37              12.3                         -.07

Forearms                   11            11.1                                      +0.1

Thighs                         21.25                 21.2                          -.05

Calves                          13.75                   13.5                          -.25

Weight                  153.4lbs          153.8         +0.4lbs

Body Fat %                16.7%                16.1%         -0.6%

Lean Body Mass    127.8lbs            129.1         +1.3lbs

Small shift in weight, little fat loss and muscle gain, and overall I shrank. The next 6 weeks will be interesting with the double kettlebell complex. Time to put the twin 44s to use.


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