Now They’re After Our Guns…Our Taser Guns!

This was just brought to my attention by an activist friend, Nicholas; its a shell bill at the moment but the title gives me concern…HB1951: PROHIBITING THE POSSESSION AND USE OF A TASER STUN GUN. Here is the current text from Rep. Frederick J. Love (yes I am calling him out):


SECTION 1. The purpose of this act is to prohibit the possession and use of a taser stun gun.

The Bill text is here

What in the hell is the reasoning behind this? I can understand the reasoning behind a gun ban, but a taser? If someone attacks you the options you have are: comply, run, fight. Fighting back is limited to hand to hand, pepper spray or a ‘legally-carried’ gun, if you want to stay out of jail. Use a knife, go to jail. Use a gun without a permit (unless on your property) go to jail. And if this passes, use a taser, go to jail.

Lets examine this, if you’re attacked you have to be a better fighter (against someone who makes a living attacking others), pepper spray them (which can be fought through, why else would a cop need a taser themselves), or to have a gun handy (but first you have to pay the State Police $144 dollars on top of the cost of required training the law mandates for the permission to carry a handgun.)

Thanks for stacking the deck in the predators favor Rep. Flowers. Who are you representing again? The bad guys or the good ones?

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