Are You Strong or Tough?

When you think of someone who’s strong, who do you picture? Got it? Now ask yourself, what makes them strong? Why do you think that? This was from a conversation I had with my wife on a date. The thought was someone was stronger than her. Except, the person she was comparing herself to wasn’t … Continue reading Are You Strong or Tough?


Jesus Would Vote For…

This site used to be filled with political posts. I even campaigned for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party in 2012. After that season, I was pretty burned out and took a break. I read ConCom by Rory Miller and then was done with politics altogether after seeing the dynamics at work underneath it all. … Continue reading Jesus Would Vote For…

Living In Such A Way That Darkness Flees

Christians are called to be "salt and light". I wrote a lengthy post on that in November; however, I never saw what the response was to that until a while back. The unintended consequences of being myself left one feeling guilty and another running away. In the first experience, it was during a conversation while … Continue reading Living In Such A Way That Darkness Flees