Living In Such A Way That Darkness Flees

Christians are called to be "salt and light". I wrote a lengthy post on that in November; however, I never saw what the response was to that until a while back. The unintended consequences of being myself left one feeling guilty and another running away. In the first experience, it was during a conversation while … Continue reading Living In Such A Way That Darkness Flees

Loneliness, A Beatable Enemy

About a year ago, I wrote a post on loneliness. I learned that going it mostly alone sucks. Even I get tired of my company and I think I am brilliant…sometimes. I was walking around with a 'bubble' up, a little barrier of "don’t talk to me" all over my body language. It sucks in … Continue reading Loneliness, A Beatable Enemy

The Questions We All Face

What's wrong with the world? Is it ever going to change? I looked on CNN's website to see headlines about corrupt countries, earthquakes, arson, and refugees fleeing violence in their countries. Everything is obviously broken. It even hits close to home. Abusive relationships, illness, job loss, family and friends going down a dangerous path to … Continue reading The Questions We All Face

Losing Someone, What Does It Mean?

The darkest times of our lives don’t seem that bad when they’re spread out over time. The closer they are together, the easier it is to grow pessimistic. When it comes to death, you would think it couldn’t get any darker since that’s supposed to be ‘the end.’ On a Saturday in early October, I … Continue reading Losing Someone, What Does It Mean?