Making Them Work, Part 3 of Week 23

Three strategies I found in this excerpt…


Appraisal Focused Strategies are when people change the way they think. Flip the Perspective as I detailed in Week 19 is an example of that. Another option is just getting away from the issue to look at it from the distance. We have gone so far as to leave the state to do this, and it feels so good to get away. You see there is more to it out there, than just what is happening in your corner of the world. I spent the last week of the year enjoying the company of my in-laws in Oklahoma, lowering my shields and not thinking as much. A much needed respite and perspective shift.

Problem Focused Strategies tackle the cause of the problem with the goal of changing or eliminating the source of stress. Generally, by researching it and learning the skillset needed to manage it. A bit, like what you may be doing by reading this book and I did to deal with these issues.

Then you have the Emotional Focused Strategies that deal with your feeling in a variety of ways. Thorin’s 17:06’s from Unchained work really well here, or using routine and research to distract yourself. The hostile and overwhelming feelings are dealt with by the Centering Drill or the diaphragmatic four-count breathing method; breath in deep for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, natural exhalation from your mouth for a 4 count, pause for a 4 count. Repeat as needed, or the age-old count to ten to regain your temper. It is managing the emotions that come with the stress on a reactive level, or you can use meditation for a proactive tool.
That and 17:06’s dig up repressed feelings so they can be dealt with and let go.

So, how do I use this to my advantage?

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