Part of Week 24, I have a feeling its drawing to a close and about to wrap it up. Ronin’s Journey is a work in progress but I’m not going to draw it out or cut it short. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the excerpts so far.


When the world has turned upside and you see how little control you have you gain a perspective of what truly matters. Being right is not one of them, doing things your way is not either. Everything is negotiable, and the presence of or use of force is what works when negotiations fail. This is uncivilized, painful, and we are nothing really except specks unless you come up with something that makes waves for ages.

It does not mean give up, to think it is no use since I will not make a difference. You may leave a legacy, or just make a difference in someone’s life and they go on to cure cancer or something else that’s world changing. I was put in a position where others control my fate for a time, the hammer was going to drop regardless; how hard was up to four people. The two who mattered, forgave me, and I cannot say that if I was in their position that I would be so gracious. Taking them as an example, is any grudge held really that important?

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