Where I Get My Propaganda

Are you tired of the constant barrage of biased news coverage? It can be difficult to know who to trust, with every major network or paper having political ties and editorial agendas. The truth is often obscured, with facts omitted or slanted to fit a particular narrative. But how can we guard against this bias and get the real story? It's time to break free from the propaganda machine and seek out independent sources that offer a balanced, objective view. How do I guard against this? Well, I don't watch the GOP Propaganda that's Fox, nor the Democrat Propaganda that's CNN or MSNBC.

Bulletproof Your Faith

Deconstructing is a growing topic in Christian circles. It's where people turn their back on their faith after questioning it. Unfortunately, the Christian celebrities who do it tend to preach their deconstruction.  Skillet frontman John Cooper has always taken issue with it, recently in an Instagram story post. His wife shared it to her feed … Continue reading Bulletproof Your Faith