Mental Defenses Continued; Part Two

The list continues in Week 23 of Ronin’s Journey


Then there is Identification, modeling yourself after another’s character or behavior, what I did growing up as well as now to a point. After the accident, I took on the traits and behavior of a couple of my favorite personal protection authors, Rory and Marc. I believe these channels into the three main mechanisms I use.

Altruism, it is not a personal strength in most areas except one, which I will get to next. Being told that I was a mentor to someone, which surprised me. Humbling even. I admit I have my mentors, have taken the parts that fit my personal matrix best to make me a better…well…me. That is my advice to others on that. This flows into Introjection where you integrate an idea or object into yourself. Honestly, considering the over 30 books on defense I would have to say personal protection is that idea for me. Luckily, I am old and mature enough not to harbor many delusions of grandeur of saving the day. A few though, but who doesn’t want to save the damsel in distress? Still not dumb enough though.

We end with Emotional Self-Regulation where you respond to experiences with a range of emotions from experiences, or I am rationalizing the suppressing of emotions. However since being quiet is in my nature I have my doubts. Emotions are addictive so losing it in a group can get them worked up or the authorities called. Find healthier ways to get them out such as writing or among your closest friends, you open up more. Do not repress however do not react irrationally either.

These unconscious coping mechanisms fit me among 45 different ones ranging from pathological to mature. Then you have the three focuses in coping strategies, appraisal, problem and emotional, usually combined and adaptable. I decided to harness the unconscious methods combined with these strategies, first though, I will define them.

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