All Life Is Precious, Not Just Americans Lives

Is the blood of an American innocent worth more than the blood of a Pakistani innocent? Or any other innocent?

People are sympathetic for the parents at Sandy Hook, which is a good thing, but do they realize how many innocent kids and adults have died overseas? Obama’s strategy of drone strikes has killed multiple innocents. The Guardian has an article here on it.

In America when this happens someone’s going to face the consequences. Why different there?

A favored technique is the Double Strike, bomb a place, wait till someone comes to help, bomb it again. How do you know they were guilty? Wouldn’t you see if there were and survivors if it happened here?

Or the bombing of funerals? Who cares, guilty by association, sucks to be you. Would you stand for that here?

We cry over the massacre of kids here, but not the slaughter of kids overseas by a kid in a room at a video game controller in New Mexico, ordered by our Nobel Peace Prize winning President. Twisted priorities.

Humanity knows no borders.


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