Carrying The World On Your Shoulders?

Atlas-Greek-God-Mythology-Symbolism-Meaning-and-FactsHave you heard the myth of Atlas, the Titan who had to hold up the heavens to keep the world from ending? Do you ever feel like you’re having to carry that load? My shoulders aren’t that broad at the moment.

Why do we think we’re carrying the world on our shoulders? Could we have an inflated sense of self-importance? Maybe it’s an overbearing sense of duty or weak internal boundaries? Does your identity come from your work? Perhaps a few of us can circle all of the above.

During my first actual day of rest, I was thinking about why it’s hard for me to slow down. I thought about it and circled all the above while my inner-critic screamed at me. After gagging it and tossing it into the nearest closet, I began writing out my duties and obligations.

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Deaf Church. It’s not mine-it’s Jesus’. He cares infinitely more about the people in it than I do. I help as a member of a team, with the primary responsibility of loving people and teaching them.

Homeless Ministry. Again part of a team where I fill gaps, back up Russ at Metro and interpret for a Deaf man named Julius. Even with that, I’m not the only one able to interpret anymore, and there are four who can communicate with him to various degrees.

The cleaning team I lead. It’s growing with capable people with servant’s hearts, and I’m mostly guiding the newest volunteers. They take the load off of us which makes it easier to focus.

GriefShare. Wow, that team is a well-oiled machine.

Work. Ugh. It’s a balancing act of people’s, customer’s, and the company’s needs. Throw in the politics, and it’s double ugh.

In all of these, my job is to love people and guide them. If something depends on me that much, then I’m not doing a good enough job of empowering or equipping others.

Later that week, I took a step forward in stepping back. Saturday would be a day of rest.

high angle view of lying down on grass

Photo by Pixabay on

Everything would be optional, and I loved it. My Welltory readings were improving and have been since.

Unlike Atlas, we can shrug without the world ending.


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