“I’m Sorry” Doesn’t Cut It

A lot of people fanboyed and fangirled over the actors and musicians. For me, it was an author. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages. A must-read for any couple. That wasn't his topic, though. His topic was on apology languages and dealing effectively with failures.  It makes sense. To some people, "sorry" isn't good enough. Two essentials to start: keep love and appreciation in marriage and deal effectively with failures by apologizing and forgiving.

Thoughts On Being A Dad

Now that the secret is out, I can share the many thoughts I've had to date with this pregnancy. This child is the third try, and affectionately called Nemo by my little sister.  I'm simultaneously excited and nervous, which is typical. Thoughts on raising the child and caring for them go through my head. So many thoughts that my mind crashes sometimes, and I forget things like pants...