A Ronin’s Journey: The Road to Redemption

Throughout most of my adulthood, people asked for my advice. I even published a couple of books filled with it along with a blog called Ronin's Journey. I was not very good at taking my own advice, though, so after some previous introspection, that was almost too late. Then the world turned upside down. This book is about insecurity, ego, pride, regret, and rebirth. 

The Gradual Road To Hell

I don't know why I'm ever surprised when people intentionally or unintentionally blow it. We are human, after all. Even a world-famous evangelist can turn out to be a sexual predator. I'm less concerned with that right now than I am with human nature. The heart is deceitful above all things; who can know it? The weeping prophet, Jeremiah, said that while he watched his country spiral into self-destruction.