Spending Quality Time With God

What is the one thing you cannot live without? I can probably guess. If you are anything like me then it is your phone. We give it so much of our attention to the point we neglect other areas. How do we bring our focus back to what’s important?

By removing something and replacing it with time with God. It’s called fasting, which is generally done by cutting out food for a certain amount of time, but can be done with anything.. I was missing my in-depth time with the Lord so I decided to cut off the internet on Mondays while at home. In the beginning, I still had entertainment available to me though, but it did make me more focused though, even with podcasts playing in the background.

That was still distracting though. The next time I cut out all



entertainment. Just alone with my thoughts, it became a combination of fasting and solitude. Time I would’ve been on the internet was instead spent thinking of God, looking into the Bible, going wherever my curiosity took me.


I reflected on Sunday’s lesson about fruitless Christians, shameless shepherds, and people to be wary of from Jude. I spent some time thinking of how Jesus sees me. Trying to go deeper than I did with Looking Through God’s Eyes. Still working through that one.

Without Twitter or Facebook notifications, coupled with podcasts getting my attention, it became quiet. Jesus often went away from distractions to spend time with the Father. He pointedly made time for it.

What can you give up to spend more time with God?

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