Finding Diamonds Online; What Sets Them Apart?

Log onto Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, and after 5 minutes of reading you’ll discover something. Everyone and their mother has an opinion. The question is why should anyone listen to them?

Why should anyone listen to you?

Why should anyone listen to me?

It has never been easier to be heard. I’ve published two books, yet my work online has greater reach. The internet has a number of resources that are free to use for video, writing, and reaching people.

627e0f5b8801e0a360cd9f52a0560edc.1000x999x1There’s a lot of stuff to cut through. Where I live, we have a state park that sits on top of a dormant volcano. The Crater of Diamonds is the only diamond mine in the United States.You can pay a fee, dig through the dirt looking for diamonds, and keep anything you find.

It’s the same with the internet. We have to dig through the dirt to find the ‘gems’. A lot of reading is required to find the gems. The reverse is also true. To stick out, our thoughts have to be gems sticking out from the surroundings.

So the questions are:

  • Why should people listen?
  • What do we have to offer that others haven’t seen before?
  • Why should anyone care?

Honestly, I haven’t cracked a code yet with my own writing. I’ve noticed some interesting trends, though. Posts like Human Kintsugi and Hidden Strength are the farthest reaching, much to my surprise. My editor, Nay, said it’s because it is relatable.

The latter was posted on the same day questions were posed to my Uncle and a friend on two separate instances. They pointed at my post for the answer. Coincidence? My friends lean towards no.

What are your thoughts to my questions?

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