Everyone Is A Theologian

Everyone is a theologian; not everyone is a good one. I have a question for you. Have you ever examined your church's theology? I have, and we don't line up on some minor issues like the Rapture, early or old earth creationism, global or local flood. If it doesn't conflict with Jesus' being God incarnate, Lord and Savior, and salvation by faith alone and not any form of works, it's not a world-ender.

Weird Lessons About Prayer

My one big thing to focus on this year is prayer. Starting with cultivating the discipline of prayer. I've been at this a few months and I'm already noticing some interesting things. During Christmas, I received two books, The Circle Maker and 2 Chairs. The Circle Maker had the biggest impact, particularly in two areas: praying big audacious prayers daily … Continue reading Weird Lessons About Prayer