Scary God

Do we have the right view of God? This last Mother's Day, churches sang how God was a good mother and called Him a she. In this new speak, God gave us His pronouns. He/Him. Jesus, God the Son, describes him as Father. God is a good father, but He is also scary, and we've forgotten that. At the start of the year, I read Scary God: Introducing The Fear of the Lord to the Postmodern Church by Mattie Montgomery. Mattie is the former lead man of the band For Today.  I liked this book a lot, with 114 highlights. However, I'll try not to use them all. 

Bulletproof Your Faith

Deconstructing is a growing topic in Christian circles. It's where people turn their back on their faith after questioning it. Unfortunately, the Christian celebrities who do it tend to preach their deconstruction.  Skillet frontman John Cooper has always taken issue with it, recently in an Instagram story post. His wife shared it to her feed … Continue reading Bulletproof Your Faith