Jesus and the Wolf Mentality; Are They Opposed to One Another?

For years, I promoted the Wolf Mentality. A mentality built on critical thought. It all hinges on one rule; an unfettered, unchained mind is required. Thorin came up with the idea and financed the publishing of the compilation best known as Howls from the Wolfpack centered on that. I jokingly called it a ‘wolf bible’, many authors and a central theme.

I revisited the overall philosophy in The Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing II in search of differences in my thoughts from then and now. A few changes popped up, like “respect before rudeness”, which is built on reciprocity. However, now I try not to be rude at all. My perception on justice has changed as well. We are all guilty of something yet a sizeable portion is unwilling to take the hit from it. I don’t demand personal justice. I am confident it will be addressed.

Instead, I forgive — giving up the right to get even — to let the natural consequences play out. This also keeps me from my tendency to simmer in anger as I grip my grudge with an iron grip. The skepticism remains in a sharper form. Before I was drifting towards nihilism, now I just look at motives. What do others gain in telling me things: money, sex, power, or a combination?

Over time, it evolved into the twelve virtues: Altruism, Politeness, Independence, Preparation, Objectivity, Courage, Self-Control, Respect, Humility, Self-Respect, Honesty, and Accountability. For more details on that, you can look in the About Me page of Ronin’s Journey.. By the original standards in the analogy, I am still just as furry. My path just is not in the darkness anymore. It has moved from there, to the shadows, and closer to the light daily.

FullSizeRenderThe unchained mind that is central to the Wolf Mentality is something Jesus even supported. In Matthew 10:16, he told his disciples to “be as wary and wise as serpents, and be innocent as doves.” He is full of love and forgiveness, but far from being naïve. In John 2:25 it is written, “He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.” He didn’t teach his disciples to be either or they would’ve died sooner.

After much thought, I do not see a contradiction mentally between when I worked on Howls and present day. As a friend told me, my path is just going into the light. Does this mean I cannot be Batman anymore? On a serious note, how have you evolved over time?

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