Traveling Temptation

It’s interesting what goes through the mind when you’re away from home, alone. I had to go on a trip for work out of state.

Completely unsupervised.

The world was my oyster. As long as I did my job, I could do whatever I wanted. I can see why wise people do not travel alone.

2062They bring others to hold them accountable because they know the strength of temptation.

A lot of public failures happen when you underestimate temptation’s power.

When Billy Graham was starting out as a traveling evangelist for his ministry, he and his team came up with a set of rules for themselves called the Modesto Manifesto.

One of the principles was to avoid any situation that would even have the appearance of compromise or suspicion.

A political candidate recently made the news for following this rule. He refused to travel with a female reporter and she didn’t take it well, and not even his campaign director could understand it. The story for that is here.

Even if it’s okay, perception rules the day. All the out-of-context news stories prove that.

Almost everyone has a video camera in their pocket. Behave as if someone is watching, because they just might be.

Especially if you’re a leader.

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