When Your Greatest Strengths Can Be Your Weaknesses

I have a weird way of recalling memory. At least I think I do. I was watching Sherlock Season 4 when a memory came to mind, completely unrelated.

Does it happen to you?

Either way, it was something that came up in class a couple of times last year. That your strengths also end up being your weaknesses as well. My wife’s greatest strength is her heart. It was a weakness until she learned the value of boundaries to keep her from getting walked all over on.

Strengths and Weaknesses

44lb Clean

This means we’re going to evaluate ourselves. I’ll go first.

I’m loyal. How is that a weakness? If it turns into a blind loyalty.

Independent. What’s the weakness? When you let it cut you off from others.

Work ethic. That’s good, right? Until it’s focused on pointless things that don’t move the ball forward. Or misplaced priorities due to being workaholics, ignoring family, friends, God.

Learning and applying. One of my greatest strengths. From experience, the downside is staying stuck in your head and disconnected from your heart.

What are your strengths? How can they also be your weakness?

Now guard against it.

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