The Irreplaceable Value of Time

Think about time. It is the most invaluable resource we have and we can’t get it back. Why? It’s our life, broken into chunks and spent on different things.

How are we spending it?

Look at work, and what you buy. For example, to eat every week I have to work 8 hours. To pay for our car will take 783 hours. That’s 19 1/2 weeks. This is a time that I can’t spend with family or church.

Free time. Well, unstructured time. Are you doing anything of value with it, or just staring at your phone or a screen. Does it serve a purpose?

I’m not advocating being a work-a-holic or ignoring the necessities. Just to be purposeful. Everything we do should have value. Using the time to provide and care for family, restorative time relaxing or with friends, time with God. There should be a balance.

It’s said so much that it’s a cliche, that no one dies wishing they had worked more. A company can replace us, or even be fine without us, in a lot of cases. It’s the time with people in our lives that matter.

Think of time as money. Got it? Now, what are you spending it on?

Are you investing it or wasting it?

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