Targeted By The Devil

Have you ever done something to paint a target on your back? Did you know that whenever you’re doing something for God’s kingdom, that’s what you’re doing? Not just from people, but spirits, the Devil’s army of demons. The higher you are, the more obvious the target.

How Do You Keep From Getting Picked Off?

By doing what one of my comic heroes, Batman, does–prepare for it. You see, Satan wants to destroy you and any impact you’re making or have made. What do you do?

Know his weapons of choice, chief among them, temptation.

Resist him immediately by just saying no, slamming the door and cutting off the source of temptation. When you’re tempted, shift focus from that to God. Don’t even try to debate the issue.

You can fight with confidence because God won’t allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). He’ll provide a way out. Being immersed in the Bible will give you the offensive weaponry you need. Jesus’s knowledge of the Scriptures let him counterattack and see through the Devil’s desert temptations (Matthew 4:1-11).

Beware The Danger Zones

There are times that you’re more vulnerable than usual. One is after a spiritual victory which can lead to pride or complacency. When you’re alone or physically drained are two other danger zones. One no one can hold you accountable, the other; your defenses are weakened.

Another time is when you’re waiting on God’s timing, that’s what happened to Abraham (Genesis 16:1-6). To have the “promised son“, he cheated on his wife with her servant to have a son. Calamity ensued.

Even church is a danger zone; remember, the devil loves a church fight. The devil also attacks when you’re starting or joining something great for God. Truthfully, we’re walking into one or several danger zones almost all the time.

Here’s a personalized promise from 1 John 4:4 for you to say to yourself.

I am from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world.

Why Is This Important?

Why I’m writing this is because an opportunity came up, and I realized my wife and I will be even bigger targets. We had to prepare, and it was a wise decision. Twice in one night while doing kingdom work, I had a nearly audible voice whisper in my ear, trying to stoke the fires of jealousy and distract me from my task.

The first time, I opened my Bible app and played the book of Romans being read aloud. The second time, I commanded it to leave in Jesus’ name. I’m sure it was a demon using my weakness against me rather than my natural weaknesses surfacing on their own.

Personal Boundary Setting

This highlights the importance of boundaries. Then you can pick off a temptation with a sniper shot from a mile away. After the Stand Out series, I began to take what I learned and put boundaries in place from the book of Titus.

Here is my list, you can make your own or use my list. For my friends that read these, please help me stay accountable to these.

  • Say no to anything that may cause another believer to stumble or misrepresent Jesus to a non-believer if they see me doing it.
  • I can say all the good things I want about people, but never anything to tear them down.
  • Don’t promise anything I can’t fulfill.
  • How I act at church is how I act everywhere else.
  • Be friendly and respectful.
  • Always do right, be honest and handle my obligations.
  • Lead my family well.
  • Be self-controlled by making principle-based decisions in advance like “If ________ happens, I will do _________.” And then I’ll manage the decisions.
  • Be peaceful, every conflict I can either throw gas or water on it.
  • Don’t seek power, money, or fame for me, be trustworthy.
  • Serve others, don’t demand others to serve me. Don’t tell others to do anything for me that I cannot do for myself.
  • My motives should always be right.
  • Follow Jesus’s commands, do as I say, not as I do, doesn’t work for leaders.

Do this to protect yourself and your ability to represent Jesus.

For more on Temptation here’s the sermon series I got some of my information from; Temptation: Standing Strong When The Enemy Attacks

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