You’re Decision and Ask Me A Question

Last week I asked the question all over the internet of where to go next with Abyss Press.

  1. Publish Growls Of A Wolf to Kindle or
  2. Start on book #3, Breakdown.

It was unanimous, new book. So I’ll begin the next book based on the Breakdown series of blog posts on here, which consistently show up in most read on the Site Stats. But this book won’t be a piecing together of posts; no, I’ll be bringing it to a whole other level. So this will take some time.

Now, last week in the Abyss Press Newsletter first and then on the Ronin/Abyss Press Facebook Page I wrote about an idea I’ve fleshed out. I love interviews,  questions and new ideas.

How Would You Like To Help Drive Ronin’s Journey Posts?

Here’s how, send me your questions about anything and if I can answer it, I will. Or a Topic you think I should cover that fits the theme of the blog. Also let me know how you want to be known as when I give you credit for the question or topic.

Look forward to your questions guys. Send them to with the SUBJECT line: Blog so I can find it.

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