What’s Next? It’s Up To You.

I’m at a crossroads with which direction do I take Abyss Press. And I would like you, all of you, my readers to share your thoughts.

Would you rather I publish Growls Of A Wolf to Kindle like I did with Howls From The Wolfpack?


Start on the next book Breakdown (tentatively titled), the expansion of the Breakdown Series of posts I wrote a while back?

The costs of publishing are paid for by the profits from those who buy the books. I roll most of it back into writing more books. And so far I’ve sold 31 copies of Growls. However, it’ll take time to write Breakdown, at least a year and a half into the future. Research, hiring a copy editor, contract out for the cover possibly. I’m raising the bar.

So, which do you want to see first? Answer in the comments please.


7 thoughts on “What’s Next? It’s Up To You.

  1. Having read Growls I would love more to read.I say work on your new book and if the demand for Growls grows it can be offered for kindle later on.


    • Thanks for your thoughts. Watching the page’s stats and mostly search terms, my Breakdown series is getting a lot of hits. Usually one post in the Top 3 every week when I send out the Newsletter.


  2. Hmm… the next book could generate more interest and revenue for the first. If you publish it (second book), time needed to market it, etc and work on the third. When third is ready, see how the others have paid off and invest in it accordingly.


    • This would be the third book. The Kindle copy of the first has generated very little revenue but the free book promo I do with Howls generates interest in all the authors.

      At least that’s what I’m hoping.


  3. Raise the bar and start the next book. No point in putting off what you want to do.
    I still need to write the review for Growls and would like to feature it again on my blog. Will get my ass moving and get it done before I get lost with the upcoming move.


    • Thanks. The Stats show thats the most popular post. Its good timing. Between here and the Ronin/Abyss Press Facebook page the new book is leading.

      Whenever you’re ready let me know, I’ll do an interview, guest post, whatever you need out of the book.


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