How To Deal With Life’s Overload

Do you want to accomplish more with less stress? Silly question, who doesn’t. In 4HWW, Tim Ferriss included a blog post called Six Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm. You can read the full post here. I’m going to show you what I use.

  1. Don’t provoke deliberation before you can take action. Essentially, finding a problem that can’t be fixed right then. Worry is a fear of the future that Jesus even taught about, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34 NIV
  2. Don’t postpone decisions just to avoid uncomfortable situations. In the book, Drills, Rory Miller has a list of training drills for defense and life. My favorite section is AFTERWORD: Superpowers You Can Have Today. This covered by two real-world ‘superpowers’: Finishing the Hard Stuff First, and Do Stuff. I need to reread this book.
  3. Learn to make nonfatal or reversible decisions as fast as possible. Set time limits for thought on it, limit options, or have finance thresholds.
  4. Don’t overcomplicate it. Routine goes a long way and makes innovation easier. You have less to wade through then.
  5. Regret is past-tense decision making. Eliminate complaints to minimize regret. Try to go an entire day without complaining. In fact, for every complaint, you immediately find two positives.

It does make juggling a job as a husband, blogger, supervisor, and and a servant of God in more ministries than I can count on one hand easier. Try them and let me know how they work.

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