Ascension To Wolf: Defined

I use wolf as a term and sometimes its opposite, sheep. Group-think as opposed to think for yourself. To limit confusion for anyone unfamiliar with the Wolf Mentality, where it begins and ends, here is a guide. Which are you?

SHEEP: Everything about them is a product of their environment, and
the crowds that are popular at the time. Their beliefs are talking
points of whichever leaders they follow.
BLACK SHEEP: Start to question and don’t accept whatever is told to
them. Which can lead to their cliques to start to ostracize them, they
question their leaders and the minutes they’re criticized, they come
to a crossroads. Conform or not to conform. The second they decide to
be themselves, they become Wolf, but just a cub at first.

WOLF CUB: This is when you question yourself and look deeper to
understand yourself better. You seek to understand the WHY of your
particular belief systems. Political, biases, and religion. When you
know who and why you are the person you are, and form YOUR opinions,
you move to…

JUVENILE WOLF: Then you question everything before you internalize it,
not mindlessly accept it, then you are…

WOLF: Full-grown wolf who walks their OWN path, forging their OWN
opinions and beliefs with logic, reasoning, and THEIR experiences.
Wolves don’t blindly follow but can run in packs of like-minded
individuals. But a wolf is still an individual and will not trade their
individuality for acceptance. Wolves have friends that accept them,
not fair-weather friends. To sum it up, THINK FOR YOURSELF, BE


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