The Bill of Rights, “Breakdown” Series

Since I finished my look into the original 10 Rights in the Constitution, I am archiving them on this page for ease of finding. Enjoy.

I Can Say Whatever I Want, or Can I?/The First Amendment and it’s Erosion

The Most Important Amendment/Analysis and Erosion of the Second Amendment

Analysis Of the Third Amendment

No Trespassing/The Analysis and Destruction of the Fourth Amendment

I Plead the Fifth!/Analysis and Erosion of the Fifth Amendment

Speed-demon trials? The Sixth Amendment’s Breakdown

Face A Jury of Your Peers/Seventh Amendment

Cruel and Unusual/The Eighth Amendment

All Rights Are Equal/The Ninth Amendment

The Tenth Amendment and How It’s Being Chained Down Along With Our Freedoms

I’m working on the rest, slowly. They’re quite a bit longer at times. Keep your eyes peeled.


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