Are You Strong or Tough?

When you think of someone who’s strong, who do you picture? Got it? Now ask yourself, what makes them strong? Why do you think that? This was from a conversation I had with my wife on a date. The thought was someone was stronger than her. Except, the person she was comparing herself to wasn’t … Continue reading Are You Strong or Tough?

Writing Flights of Fancy

In writing Ronin’s Journey, an autobiographical book, is the human tendency to make yourself look better. Fortunately, I have the journal entries to keep me on course with what was happening and where my head was. I also asked my editors to make sure I keep it down to earth. I am on the November … Continue reading Writing Flights of Fancy

Why Is It Taking So Long For The Book?

Ronin’s Journey has been taking a while to write and I would like to explain why. I have four other commitments along with writing it, and keeping the blog updated; full-time husband, full-time job, Wicked Jester, and volunteering. Writing fills the spaces it can; fortunately, work does not require me to think so the time … Continue reading Why Is It Taking So Long For The Book?