The Wisdom of God

God is supposed to be wise. What does that mean? It is an attribute that we share with Him. How does it all work and fit? What is the wisdom of God? The definition of God's wisdom that Grudem gives is, God's wisdom means that God always chooses the best goals and the best means … Continue reading The Wisdom of God

Two Kinds of Wisdom

What does wisdom look like? That’s the question James asks us. My wife is the wise one more often than not. One day I locked my keys in the truck at a gas station out of state. My solution, break the window. Her solution, call a locksmith, which saves money in the long run. She was definitely the … Continue reading Two Kinds of Wisdom

The Human Impact of Our Choices

Choices have consequences. The bigger the decision, the more damage it can cause. How often do we consider that? Two people said something I want to put in your mind when you consider something. G.K Chesterton Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up. Ask yourself, why is … Continue reading The Human Impact of Our Choices

How To Stop Making Bad Life Choices

I often wonder why people consistently make bad decisions. Why am I prone to foolish stubbornness? Theologically, it's a sin problem, we're bent on rebelling against God. This results in what Pastor Rod calls 'having a broke chooser', but that's generally in the context of relationships. The principle is still the same, we have poor … Continue reading How To Stop Making Bad Life Choices