The Irreplaceable Value of Time

Think about time. It is the most invaluable resource we have and we can't get it back. Why? It's our life, broken into chunks and spent on different things. How are we spending it? Look at work, and what you buy. For example, to eat every week I have to work 8 hours. To pay … Continue reading The Irreplaceable Value of Time

Searching For Value And Meaning

I was watching Sherlock Season 4, and a line stuck out to me. One of the main characters sacrifices their life to save Sherlock. He couldn't process it, at one point saying, "In saving my life Mary imparted value on it. I don't know how to deal with that." Isn't that what the cross is … Continue reading Searching For Value And Meaning

Instilling Value and Wisdom Into Kids

Keying off of last Wednesday's post, I wondered what could be done before kids get into relationships? My small army of nieces and nephews are not going to stay little forever, they'll grow up. A few are almost teenagers now. What about my kids if I have any? What would I do if Squiggles had … Continue reading Instilling Value and Wisdom Into Kids