Welcome to Amerika, Where the Terrorists Rule

ter·ror·ism/ˈterəˌrizəm/ Noun: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Synonyms: terror This applies to the government is so many ways, and I'll show you. The Founders set up a system of Checks and Balances and on Monday it failed. The Legislative Branch makes sure the Executive doesn't overreach, and the … Continue reading Welcome to Amerika, Where the Terrorists Rule

Presidential Contenders: Barack Obama

Campaign season is in full swing, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. I’ve covered all the Republican and Libertarian candidates currently running. Now it’s the President’s turn. Going to look at his record, what he’s done, not said. Coupled with my thoughts on Barack Obama. I’m not going … Continue reading Presidential Contenders: Barack Obama

Happy Defiance Day 2012

Happy Birthday America! Today you turn 236 years old. And you must be getting memory loss, because your returning to why you were forged to begin with. "What is he talking about?", you're thinking. I cannot wave a flag say Happy Independence Day and mean it. We're not independent anymore, all men are not treated … Continue reading Happy Defiance Day 2012