Gary Johnson Weekly News Update 8/18-8/24

English: Gary E. Johnson

English: Gary E. Johnson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time for more News Stories on Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson. My pick for President of the United States. Since you don’t see him near as much as Obama or Romney I’m doing my part.

And part of my part is Twitter Bombs to get Gary Johnson hashtags trending. The past two Sundays between 12-1pm Eastern we were number one. Yesterday’s was to get Johnson in the Debates. To help take take part in the “Twitter Army” go to The Unauthorized Gary Johnson Twitter Army

Now on to the stories…

Gary Johnson’s campaign page here


Gary Johnson Weekly News Update 8/12-8/17

English: One of the photos I took of Governor ...

English: One of the photos I took of Governor Gary Johnson while at the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis, MN, on September 2, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time for more News Stories on Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson. My pick for President of the United States. Since you don’t see him near as much as Obama or Romney I’m doing my part.

Presidential Contenders: Barack Obama

Campaign season is in full swing, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. I’ve covered all the Republican and Libertarian candidates currently running. Now it’s the President’s turn. Going to look at his record, what he’s done, not said. Coupled with my thoughts on Barack Obama.

I’m not going to list the party, because that’s just a banner politicians hide behind, look at person, not the party. To set the stage, here’s the link to his campaign website here. This has his positions, but I prefer to look at his record instead.

Entitlements: Voted NO on establishing reserve funds & pre-funding for Social Security. (Mar 2007)

Keeping it a Ponzi Scheme, because this actually makes sense to do. Even though I’m against it on principle.

Healthcare: Voted NO on means-testing to determine Medicare Part D premium. (Mar 2008)

Voted YES on requiring negotiated Rx prices for Medicare part D. (Apr 2007) Voted YES on expanding enrollment period for Medicare Part D. (Feb 2006) Voted YES on increasing Medicaid rebate for producing generics. (Nov 2005) Voted YES on negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drug. (Mar 2005)

National Security: Voted NO on removing need for FISA warrant for wiretapping abroad. (Aug 2007)

Voted YES on limiting soldiers’ deployment to 12 months. (Jul 2007)

Voted YES on implementing the 9/11 Commission report. (Mar 2007)

Voted YES on preserving habeas corpus for Guantanamo detainees. (Sep 2006) Voted YES on requiring CIA reports on detainees & interrogation methods. (Sep 2006)

Voted YES on reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act. (Mar 2006)

It’s only the Fourth Amendment, who cares about privacy. Wish I could invoke Executive Privilege.

Voted NO on extending the PATRIOT Act’s wiretap provision. (Dec 2005)

But had no problem signing that into law as President.

Voted YES on restricting business with entities linked to terrorism. (Jul 2005) Voted YES on restoring $565M for states’ and ports’ first responders. (Mar 2005)

Foreign Policy: Voted to fund war until 2006; now wants no blank check. (Nov 2007)

Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007) Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)

Voted YES on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)

Voted YES on cooperating with India as a nuclear power. (Oct 2008)

Civil Rights: Voted NO on recommending Constitutional ban on flag desecration. (Jun 2006)

Agreed. Shocker I know.

Voted NO on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)

Agreed again. 

Sponsored bill for special-needs evacuation plans. (Sep 2005)

Sponsored bill for a Rosa Parks commemorative postage stamp. (Dec 2005)

Voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. (Mar 2008)

Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008)

Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Apr 2007)

Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions. (Jul 2006)

Who cares about parental rights. I’m an individualist but until the kid is out of my care, my rules.

Voted YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives. (Mar 2005)

Sponsored bill providing contraceptives for low-income women. (May 2006)

Your condoms and birth-control is not my responsibility.

Second Amendment, also a Civil Right. How has Obama voted? Cosponsored bill to limit purchases to 1 gun per month. (Oct 2007)

By what right does anyone have to tell me what I can spend my money on? Of course, Obama just forced us all to  either pay the government or the Insurance Companies.

Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. (Jul 2005)

The Economy and Taxes: Voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs’ effectiveness. (Mar 2007)

Voted NO on $40B in reduced federal overall spending. (Dec 2005)

Votes no on responsibility.

Voted YES on repealing tax subsidy for companies which move US jobs offshore. (Mar 2005)

Voted NO on reforming bankruptcy to include means-testing & restrictions. (Mar 2005)

I notice a trend.

Voted YES on removing oil & gas exploration subsidies. (Jun 2007)

Agreed, however he approves of other subsidies. Corporatism at work.

Voted YES on making oil-producing and exporting cartels illegal. (Jun 2007) Voted YES on factoring global warming into federal project planning. (May 2007)

Voted YES on disallowing an oil leasing program in Alaska’s ANWR. (Nov 2005)

Voted YES on $3.1B for emergency oil assistance for hurricane-hit areas. (Oct 2005)

Voted YES on reducing oil usage by 40% by 2025 (instead of 5%). (Jun 2005) Voted YES on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Mar 2005)

Sponsored bill for tax credit for providing 85% ethanol gas. (Apr 2005) Sponsored bill to notify public when nuclear releases occur. (Mar 2006) Sponsored bill raising CAFE by a 4% per year until 2018. (Jul 2006)

Social Engineering.

Trade? Voted YES on free trade agreement with Oman. (Jun 2006)

Voted NO on implementing CAFTA for Central America free-trade. (Jul 2005)

Taxes? Voted YES on increasing tax rate for people earning over $1 million. (Mar 2008)

Voted NO on allowing AMT reduction without budget offset. (Mar 2008)

Voted NO on raising the Death Tax exemption to $5M from $1M. (Feb 2008)

Of course he did, he’s a grave robber. I’ve written about the Death Tax before.

Voted NO on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax. (Mar 2007)

Voted NO on raising estate tax exemption to $5 million. (Mar 2007)

Voted NO on supporting permanence of estate tax cuts. (Aug 2006)

Voted NO on permanently repealing the `death tax`. (Jun 2006)

Voted YES on $47B for military by repealing capital gains tax cut. (Feb 2006) Voted NO on retaining reduced taxes on capital gains & dividends. (Feb 2006) Voted NO on extending the tax cuts on capital gains and dividends. (Nov 2005)

The President is consistent on wanting to raise taxes. It’s his record.

Government Transparency: Voted NO on allowing some lobbyist gifts to Congress. (Mar 2006)

Voted YES on establishing the Senate Office of Public Integrity. (Mar 2006)

However, companies like GE get favors since it’s CEO is on a Presidential Board. That’s Lobbying.

Sponsored bill criminalizing deceptive info about elections. (Nov 2005) Sponsored resolution rejecting photo ID for voting. (Sep 2005)

You need it for drinking, but not for something as important  as the direction of the country.

Sponsored bill to post earmarks on the Internet. (Jan 2006)

Good idea,but now that he’s President, I haven’t seen it.

Immigration: Voted YES on continuing federal funds for declared “sanctuary cities”. (Mar 2008)

Voted YES on comprehensive immigration reform. (Jun 2007)

Voted NO on declaring English as the official language of the US government. (Jun 2007)

Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)

Voted YES on establishing a Guest Worker program. (May 2006)

Voted YES on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security. (May 2006)

Voted YES on giving Guest Workers a path to citizenship. (May 2006)

My Conclusion: Just about everything he does is to take power from the people and give it to the States or People. On a few Civil Rights issues I agree, but Obama is a Statist. More government and the details don’t matter. He’s actually consistent in spite of popular opinion. Though he talks more than he votes, and a lover of dictatorial decrees AKA Executive Orders. Who needs Congress?

For my problems with Obama you’ll find them scattered throughout the archives and Growls Of A Wolf.

Do your own research, see if you can agree enough with his actions to vote for him or not to. It’s up to you ultimately.

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The Principle Behind Democratic Slavery

I was reading the SCOTUSBlog on the Healthcare decision and got to the point where the writer discussed the Medicare Coercion. And how it failed. The one bright spot in the whole mess.

The writer pointed out a scary trend to me that I had written of before. Social Engineering.

“Instead, the Court moved on to the fourth issue in the case, popularly known as the “Medicaid coercion” issue. At issue is a provision in the health-care law that would require the states to provide Medicaid coverage for virtually all poor Americans under the age of sixty-five – a significant expansion of what the federal government currently requires – or risk losing all of the Medicaid funding that they get from the feds. The states argued that the provision is unconstitutional because the federal funding is so large, and they are so dependent on it, that they really don’t have a choice about whether to comply with the new requirements.”

Do you see the velvet chains the states have willingly wrapped themselves in. Federal money that is taken from the states and given right back as grants, etc is like a crack rock to a junkie. Can’t live without it.

“The Court acknowledged that Congress can put strings on the money that it gives to the states. However, it explained that this was not the kind of “relatively mild encouragement” that the Court had approved in earlier cases involving this “coercion” theory – for example, in a 1987 case in which it had held that Congress could threaten to withhold five percent of federal highway funds from states that did not raise their drinking age to twenty-one. Instead, the Medicaid provision goes too far and is more like a “gun to the head.” Having said that, however, the Court made clear that Congress could still attach some strings to the Medicaid funds. Specifically, even if it can’t take away all of the funding for states that don’t comply with the new eligibility requirements, it can still withhold the new Medicaid funds if states don’t comply. So although the Obama Administration lost on this issue, it’s probably a loss that it is willing to live with for now, as few states (if any) are ultimately expected to turn down the new Medicaid money, even with the strings.”

“Relatively mild encouragement” aka social engineering. How to gently move a society in the direction you wish it to go without alerting them of the loss of freedom and independence. I touched on it in the Land Of The Free or Home Of The Slaves chapter in Growls Of A Wolf. If you get pushy, like what the ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate did then more people notice and you see what happened. About 2 years after passing it was already in the Supreme Court. It’s not often I see a Federal Law in the Supreme Court.

You think your free? Even your state sold you out for 30 pieces of silver until everyone got so dependent they would fight for more dependence on the government before they would fight for freedom.

A Nation of Slaves?

Government these days is just one person trying to screw the other person and get a piece of the pie. The pie being control over a weak populace that demands to be taken care of. 

I wish people would realize that whoever takes care of you is your master, they own you. And the government knows this, it’s why they always offer “help” and new programs using money taken from the very people they “help”.

Why not let them keep their money and help themselves?

Oh, yeah. That would make them independent. And someone who’s independent can’t be controlled so the government has no sway over them.

Why do you think they have so many regulations to just start a business, which makes you self-sufficient.  Or bust you for drinking raw milk or growing your own garden? Because you meet your needs, and therefore don’t need help. So you must be punished, made an example of.

Why beg for help from a government willing to detain me indefinitely without a trial courtesy of the NDAA, assassinate me with a drone, like American citizens overseas in Yemen. No trial for them. Or spy on me without a warrant due to the “Patriot Act”. Trust my government to take care of me? No. Fuck the government. Fuck the Republicans, the Democrats. I’m voting for the one party that actually will recognize my sovereignty. The Libertarians.

Maybe if enough people woke up and got off their damn knees we can make a difference. There’s a reason I hold people like that in such disregard. The failed potential. I have no pity for them. Only those who try on their own get my respect.

Obama’s Kill List here

War on Independence here

Drones over America here and here

What Would You Do If America Was Another Country’s Battleground?

Let’s look at a news story….
Ministry of Defense chief Holmes defends American drone strikes

June 6, 2012

UK Defense Secretary Sherwin Holmes has backed the use of drones to target militants in America, two days after a missile strike reportedly killed Irish Republican Army (IRA) leader Sean O’Malley.

Mr. Holmes said the UK had made it “very clear that we are going to continue to defend ourselves”.

He made the comments while attending a conference in neighboring Canada.

On Tuesday, America summoned the UK deputy ambassador to reiterate its “serious concern” about drone strikes.

There have been eight UK drone strikes in the past two weeks despite Washington’s demands for them to be stopped.

America says the drone attacks fuel anti-UK sentiment and claim civilian casualties along with militants. The UK insists the strikes are effective.

‘Our sovereignty’

UK officials say Sean O’Malley died when two missiles struck a suspected militant compound early on Monday in Oklahoma City, a city to the west of Broken Arrow, a town west of the Cherokee Nation tribal area.

At least 14 people are thought to have been killed alongside him.

The Parliament said O’Malley’s death dealt a heavy blow to the Irish Republican Army as he played a critical role in its planning of operations against the Crown, and had become second-in-command to  Boyle following Connery’s death.

“There is no-one who even comes close in terms of replacing the expertise the IRA has just lost,” one official said.

Speaking in Vancouver on Wednesday, Mr. Holmes made it clear that the UK would continue to use unmanned drone aircraft to kill militants in America, dismissing complaints that its sovereignty had been violated.

“We have made it very clear that we are going to continue to defend ourselves,” he said. “This is about our sovereignty as well.”

Mr. Holmes argued that IRA leaders who had orchestrated the June 21 2003 attacks were located in America’s state of Oklahoma.

He also said the drone strikes helped protect Americans, who have been the targets of attacks by the IRA and its allies.

The defense secretary also told the conference in Vancouver that the UK and Canada would need to “continue to engage America, overcoming our respective – and often deep – differences with America to make all of North America peaceful and prosperous”.

“America is a complicated relationship, complicated for both of our countries, but it is one that we must continue to work to improve.”

The UK is hoping Canada can provide additional support to Mexico, including trade, reconstruction and assistance for local security forces.

‘Red line’

On Tuesday, the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the UK deputy ambassador, Lilly Allen, had been summoned to be officially informed of “the government’s serious concern regarding drone strikes”.

Ms. Allen was told the strikes were “unlawful, against international law and a violation of America’s sovereignty”, a statement said.

“The Congress had emphatically stated that they were unacceptable. Drone strikes represented a clear red line for America.”

Before the increase in drone strikes over the past two weeks, there had only been 11 such attacks in the preceding six months.

CNN’s Tricia Edwards says there has been a sense in Washington D.C that this increase in frequency of attacks is being seen as a means of putting pressure on – even punishing – the country at a time when it is refusing to re-open supply routes to NATO troops in Mexico unless certain demands are met.

If O’Malley’s death is confirmed, London may feel vindicated, but it will not appease a large section of American society, for whom UK drone attacks have become a source of considerable resentment, our correspondent adds.


Obviously this isn’t a true news story…or is it:
Just replace America with Pakistan, the UK with the US, Canada with India and Mexico with Afghanistan and a few names I pulled out of the air and you have a real news story.
  • Now after reading that, how would you feel if this was true?
  • So what makes American Sovereignty any different from Pakistan’s?
  • What would you do if the United Kingdom or some other country started blowing up civilians when they try to kill their enemies on our soil?
 What did thousands of Americans do after the 9/11 attacks? Joined the military.
See the double standard? For every civilian we kill, we piss off a little more a country with nuclear weapons, and the sons of families who lost loved ones to a drone strike with a raging pissed-off hard-on for America. It’s cyclical.
What do you think about it now? The constant wars, interventions, lives and money wasted, Anti-American sentiment?

Tax Dodging? Or Running From A Thief?

Have you heard of Eduardo Saverin, one of the founders of Facebook? He committed the unforgivable sin of renouncing his United States citizenship. Read about it here

“Why?” you ask?  Maybe it was to dodge taxes or as I call it, running from a thief. He says that’s not the case, so take that as you will.

Well Chuck Schumer couldn’t stand that so he’s trying to pass the EX-PATRIOT ACT. Here’s an article on it here. So it’s not so much that he’s leaving, it’s just that Schumer can’t get his greedy paws on those millions. While he discounts the fact you have to pay to leave. You have to pay a tax on all your assets when you leave, an exit tax.

But the larger issue is what makes the Federal Government entitled to any of his money, let alone money he makes after he’s left? And taking this to its logical conclusion, when will they  decide to levy the same tax on people wanting to come to this country?

Something to think about…

Solution: Fair Tax without the Prebate

I Try To Take Off, & Congress Pisses Me Off So I Return For A Rant

Warning: “Foul” Language

I was cruising along Facebook when my friend Misbehaved Woman posted a story about Congress, at least the House, passing a law banning protests around politicians with Secret Service protection.

Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

I question if today’s soldiers even know what the fuck the government is doing and if they support acts such as these. And if they do, they should be fucking court-martialed! You took an oath todefend the Constitution! Have you read the damn thing? 

We have  laws like the Patriot Act and NDAA pissing all over the damn thing. Yet still they sign up? What is your reasoning? Do you know who you’re working for?

Its not the American People.

I wouldn’t send you anywhere unless we’re attacked. No, you’re working for the same government that is stomping on the same document you both took an oath to defend. You’re an accessory at the very least, to the murder of freedom. You’re fighting the wrong threat.

I don’t question your bravery, I question why you are willing to work for the elected dictators and what the fuck your gonna do about?

End of the goddamn rant!