Gary Johnson Weekly News Update 8/12-8/17

Time for more News Stories on Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson. My pick for President of the United States. Since you don't see him near as much as Obama or Romney I'm doing my part. Gary Johnson, Libertarian (Seattle Times) Libertarian hopeful Gary Johnson gets warm welcome in chilly Alaska (Alaska Dispatch) How Former NM Governor … Continue reading Gary Johnson Weekly News Update 8/12-8/17


Presidential Contenders: Barack Obama

Campaign season is in full swing, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. I’ve covered all the Republican and Libertarian candidates currently running. Now it’s the President’s turn. Going to look at his record, what he’s done, not said. Coupled with my thoughts on Barack Obama. I’m not going … Continue reading Presidential Contenders: Barack Obama

The Principle Behind Democratic Slavery

I was reading the SCOTUSBlog on the Healthcare decision and got to the point where the writer discussed the Medicare Coercion. And how it failed. The one bright spot in the whole mess. The writer pointed out a scary trend to me that I had written of before. Social Engineering. "Instead, the Court moved on … Continue reading The Principle Behind Democratic Slavery