Knives On A Plane, not Snakes On A Plane

One of my buddies, Alex, wanted me to look into the new proposed rules for knives on airplanes effective April 25, 2013. From what I've read it would have to be in your carry-on bag, not your pant's pocket. This disqualifies every knife I have, looks like I'll keep driving. Source is the TSA Blog: TSA … Continue reading Knives On A Plane, not Snakes On A Plane

You Can’t Half-Ass Freedom

I often write about freedom and stare at wonder at people rolling over and giving their freedoms away. I didn't understand it. Now I think I understand. They do want freedom. As I see freedom it comes balanced with responsibility, since if you want freedom to do whatever, you have to be accountable for every action that … Continue reading You Can’t Half-Ass Freedom