The Irreplaceable Value of Time

Think about time. It is the most invaluable resource we have and we can't get it back. Why? It's our life, broken into chunks and spent on different things. How are we spending it? Look at work, and what you buy. For example, to eat every week I have to work 8 hours. To pay … Continue reading The Irreplaceable Value of Time

How Does God Relate to Time?

God has no beginning or end. He is an eternal being. What's does that mean? Who created God? What's all this mean? We'll look into that today. What does it mean that God's eternal? God has no beginning, end, or succession of moments in His own being. He sees all time equally vividly, yet God sees … Continue reading How Does God Relate to Time?

A Different Perspective on Money

Have you ever seen the movie In Time? It's set in the future and technology has enabled humans to stop aging at 25, however they'll only live for another year.  A economic system sprang up that instead of trading currency, your life IS the currency in the form of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and … Continue reading A Different Perspective on Money