A Christian Perspective On The Climate Emergency

I generally don't comment on current events much anymore. Except for this week, I don't have anything in my life that I can write about. It's a bit hush-hush at the moment, but you'll know by the start of 2020, at the latest, when you read the yearly wrap up.  Recently 11,000 climate scientists declared a climate emergency.¹ Captain Planet had fallen in battle. Does anyone remember that show?  Just me? Anyway, they put forth six things humanity needs to do to save the planet. I'm going to list them and then will say something from a Biblical perspective. After all, the tagline is "Pursuing a thoughtful Christianity."


It's weird how seemingly random things make you think. Easter I was watching my goddaughter play with some slightly older kids. The game looked like a variation of tug of war. It's hard to tell since little kids are notorious for changes the rules to benefit. From what I've seen of adults, we never grow out of that. I was observing to make sure no one starts ganging up on one. If anyone was getting bullied I planned to lend my strength to them.