“Be Still And Know That I Am God”

We live in a fast-paced digital world. Our phones constantly ding with texts and notifications. We struggle through overbooked schedules never taking time to sit still. When we do sit still, we open up an app and scroll through the feeds. What does that do to our inner life? Do we have any depth anymore?

Weird Lessons About Prayer

My one big thing to focus on this year is prayer. Starting with cultivating the discipline of prayer. I've been at this a few months and I'm already noticing some interesting things. During Christmas, I received two books, The Circle Maker and 2 Chairs. The Circle Maker had the biggest impact, particularly in two areas: praying big audacious prayers daily … Continue reading Weird Lessons About Prayer

What 2017 Taught Me About Following Jesus

2017 taught me about grace, a closer walk with God, and what that growth looks like. Following Jesus requires a relationship and willingness to follow him. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit empowers us to do it. It should produce a certain effect in our lives. This comes from a daily surrender and the transforming of our … Continue reading What 2017 Taught Me About Following Jesus

Experiencing Scripture In Your Daily Life

I've been reading a book. Shocker, right? It's titled A Spirit-Empowered Church, and it's packed with great information. I've read it twice in a month. One of the things that stuck out to me was the concept of experiencing Scripture rather than just learning it. Experiencing Scripture? It's in the discipleship chapter, where the author Alton Garrison … Continue reading Experiencing Scripture In Your Daily Life