Quieting The Voices

We are covered in scars, mostly on the inside, though some are more like scabs, really. I did not realize one was festering until church one night. The pastor asked people without dads or having problems with their dads to stand so they can pray with them. Then he asked that a safe man stand with the kids and … Continue reading Quieting The Voices

How To Respond When Your Spouse Wants Attention

I read an article someone posted on relationships on Facebook, one part stuck out to me. Now I make a point to look every time Casey gets my attention. "Turn towards" echoes in my head. It is called emotional bidding, and your response to your partner determines the quality of the relationship. For example, do … Continue reading How To Respond When Your Spouse Wants Attention

Rebirth? It’s Time To Meet the Three People You Are

Continuing from Rebirth? The Journey Within we get to the part of Self-Introductions to foster self-awareness. Unchained acts like a therapist asking questions from the comfort of your home and towards the end of the book, Thorin gives possibilities (eerily accurate in most cases with me) and solutions to your answers. Questions on your present, … Continue reading Rebirth? It’s Time To Meet the Three People You Are

Rebirth? A Journey Within

Sorry I haven’t been posting as of late. I have been on a bit of an internal walkabout. Awhile back, I proofread and edited a book entitled Unchained by Thorin. A good…no…great book but while I ‘read’ it, I only read it with an editor’s eye for mistakes, structure and understanding. After my preorder came … Continue reading Rebirth? A Journey Within