What Standard, It’s All Relative Isn’t It?

I was advising a friend on Facebook when another friend commented that morality is subjective. It highlights a problem in our society. People don’t believe in objective standards. Truth is relative. Morality is gray and you make your own up. It’s actually not a new thought. “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as … Continue reading What Standard, It’s All Relative Isn’t It?


It’s Okay To Question

Four interesting conversations have made me very happy I have dug into Christianity rather than just accepting it at face value. Geek that I am, for one reason, and because I have smart friends that ask lots of questions about issues is the reason I jumped into apologetics. According to 1 Peter 3: 15-16, Christians … Continue reading It’s Okay To Question

Pressure’s Building…

Months back, the church brought a program in called GriefShare. I suggested my wife go; as for me, I was fine. It is not debilitating, I function well, and every three months the church sends me a book on grief. After six funerals I forgot which one started it, maybe Casey’s grandpa’s. While I was … Continue reading Pressure’s Building…