Why People Have Lost Their Minds

We watch the news and wonder why everyone is losing their mind. It's simple really, people aren't inherently good. We have to be trained. Don't believe me? Watch a toddler. Imagine this toddler as an adult. We shouldn't be surprised at the riots or the politics. The social media dumpster fires. Why?

Only Scratching The Surface With People

Is anyone around you? Look at them, and ask yourself a question. "What do I know about this person?" A Homeless Man, Some Birds, and Me I was taking the trash out of Canvas Community, where my church feeds the poor and homeless on most Saturdays. For the longest time, there's been a tent covered … Continue reading Only Scratching The Surface With People

Instilling Value and Wisdom Into Kids

Keying off of last Wednesday's post, I wondered what could be done before kids get into relationships? My small army of nieces and nephews are not going to stay little forever, they'll grow up. A few are almost teenagers now. What about my kids if I have any? What would I do if Squiggles had … Continue reading Instilling Value and Wisdom Into Kids

The Surprising Depth of People

It's the 4th of July. People are moving through the stadium gates towards the concessions stands or seats. Over the murmur of happy voices is the crack of a ball meeting bat. The FirstNLR Deaf Church returned to Traveler's Stadium to just hang out. Opportunities to build relationships, start new ones, and generally have a … Continue reading The Surprising Depth of People