Chaos and Kettlebells; Surprising Results and a New Direction

Well this has been a rollercoaster six weeks with a lot of down time and stress (why I've been absent from here). Started with ETK with a single bell, then to cut my time and do more work I used double kettlebells with the Rite of Passage as a template. Now I'm looking at complexes … Continue reading Chaos and Kettlebells; Surprising Results and a New Direction

“It’s Only A Name” ~ Bruce Lee

It never seems to fail, when one group sees another, someone just HAS to be better. Moreover, logically, if you ran a series of tests, one group would be, however, some just get tribal, or worse like a cult. Particularly martial arts; you have 'new' ones pop up that no one has seen gain a … Continue reading “It’s Only A Name” ~ Bruce Lee

Returning To My Kettlebell Now

Just off five weeks of bodyweight training courtesy of Convict Conditioning and I learned something-I cannot do this as a full time fitness modality. Calisthenics, progressive or otherwise just does not light my fire. The New Blood program consisted of training two days only a week and I had to force myself to do it. … Continue reading Returning To My Kettlebell Now

Double Kettlebell Hell; Too Much Too Soon?

I tried my hand at Mike Mahler’s double kettlebell circuit for MMA this past cycle. It was a fun and good test admittedly; however, a couple of weeks into it my plans changed. I was going to alternate double kettlebell circuits and single kettlebell/technique circuit in six-week cycles. Until Thursday, when I noticed a general … Continue reading Double Kettlebell Hell; Too Much Too Soon?