Feeling Empty

Going through the motions

A rollercoaster of emotions

Happy to have seen him not that long ago

Regretting that I put off calling him before he had to go

Day to day held sway

Procrastionation kept me putting it away

Now the chance is gone

And my family feels alone

Remembering fishing and dinners

Laughing and talking like winners

He put up a fight

Hard fought battle, but was called into the good night

While living is a priority

Remember Family is a minority

Take every opportunity to make memories with those you love

For one day they’ll fly away like a dove


A Study In Courage

Normally when you think of courage, it brings up images of a soldier braving enemy fire to get his buddy, the firefighter rushing into a flaming building to save people he doesn’t know or the cop entering an active shooter situation.
But their is courage in other forms, a quiet courage for one. When my fiancee’s grandma fell really ill, the doctors said theirs no hope. They sent her home, and instead of wilting her daughter and the rest of the kids stepped up and took care of her. One moved from her home into Grandma’s to make sure she was taken care of.
This lasted for months, a lot longer than the doctors thought. Never once did I see anyone break down, until she passed last week. An admirable courage on the part of those who put there lives aside to make Grandma comfortable and cared for. A enduring courage from Grandma to take it a day at a time until the body was no longer willing, but I don’t have a doubt the spirit was.
She got a fitting send-off Saturday, at the head of the funeral procession wasn’t a cop car, but a group of bikers. Kind of fitting for a woman who lived life to the fullest. Something we all should do.

In Memory of Grandma Jean

A few years back

There was a stranger amidst you

A young man looking for love

Sitting at a birthday party with a red-haired beauty

Shy, and a bit withdrawn

He was welcomed with literal open arms

A kind lady gave him a hug

And made him feel loved

As the years passed

The young man was unofficially adopted

Enjoying the time with the woman he unhesitatingly calls “Grandma”

Who accepted him from the start

The woman with a big heart

Who’s life I am glad I was a part

I’ll miss you and

I love you Grandma Jean

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today instead of moving forward, I went back. Back into    the recesses of my memories. I went to go visit an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in over a year. Driving through my old stomping grounds I felt nostalgic.
It’s funny how a simple song, picture, or object can take you back to a different time. Our memories are powerful things indeed. The town I went to school in has changed quite a bit, familiar landmarks gone, old businesses shut down and new ones in their place. A few remembered still there, though with new faces.
My old school, that when I passed by, with just a glance, I automatically filled the empty plot of land with kids in my mind’s eye. Remembering what it was like 10 years ago. Rolling down a road that at least once a week, I made the trek to the store from my home, on my bicycle.
When I arrived at my friend’s house, we caught up on how our respective families have been. Spoke of where old friends and acquaintances are now, and sadly, those we have lost also. Suddenly realizing that in 5 short months we will have been out of school for a decade, which had me peering at my friend’s hair searching for gray. Nothing. Lucky him, I have a few white hairs on the side of my head at the ripe old age of 27, much to my chagrin and Casey‘s amusement.
We said our good-byes and parted ways with the promise of a future fishing trip, and as I left, my introspective nature kicked in. I haven’t stood still, so why did I expect the world I grew up in to stay locked in time? Nothing last forever so hold onto the memories, laugh at them, cry about them and learn from them.