Time To Get My Focus Back and Press On

Another six weeks has come and gone so it is time for another self-assessment. I slacked a little due to a pulled neck muscle and a case of vertigo. When the world starts spinning, I do not want to be holding up 97lbs of kettlebells overhead. No Bueno. Last time I had done this I … Continue reading Time To Get My Focus Back and Press On

“It’s Only A Name” ~ Bruce Lee

It never seems to fail, when one group sees another, someone just HAS to be better. Moreover, logically, if you ran a series of tests, one group would be, however, some just get tribal, or worse like a cult. Particularly martial arts; you have 'new' ones pop up that no one has seen gain a … Continue reading “It’s Only A Name” ~ Bruce Lee

The Depth of Simplicity

In a martial arts class I’m taking, a drill we warm up with is deceptively simple. Its four moves that encompass the microcosm of a fight. Parry, Block, Immobilize, Attack. Like an onion, another layer is exposed with time and attributes are built. With the parry, you build the reflex to redirect the attack, yet … Continue reading The Depth of Simplicity