Examination of Political Thought

In the essay A Political Wolf’s Observations on page 223 in Howls From The Wolfpack I looked into the motive of the three prevalent trains of thought. Conservative, Liberal, and Moderate, with a glance at Authoritarianism and Libertarianism. I reasoned that the motive is… control and I went into how.

Now I want to explore instead of observe so I’m going to sniff through the different branches of political/philosophical thought. I’m going to study and see where it takes me. Not looking for nothing in particular just seeing where this takes me. Keeps me objective. Looking at Conservatism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, and Authoritarianism/Totalitarianism and the little offshoots of them. A lot of reading. Lets see where that takes me.




Political Sham

I wrote this poem on Friday and like all of my poems, it has a message.
A political battle rages
It’s been going on for ages
Left vs. right
It’s appears to be quite a fightObserving from the knoll
This fight is fairly droll
Spin machine is turning
The lies are churning

Raise the debt limit
Isn’t tax money unlimited
It’s not a spending issue
Soon money will be worth as much as tissue

Claim your for limited government and free markets
Except for the Special interests you target
Smaller government, no intrusion
But your in my bedroom, this is confusing

Didn’t you know
Liberal vs Conservative is a show
It’s really “get in line and mind”
And I will always oppose your tyrannical kind

©Vance Gatlin 2011

A Political Independent’s Observations

In discussions about politics at work I often confuse whoever I am speaking with if they’re unfamiliar with me. They don’t see where I’m coming from. Most see the political spectrum as left, moderate, right. You’re a bleeding heart liberal or a greedy heartless conservative. Black and white is how they see the world, and try to fit me in their box. They believe everyone has to be led, and disagree on who should. My rebellious wolf nature, tempered with my pragmatism, confuses them.
I try to explain my views in easy to digest words and seem to confuse them more. I state that I’m a fiscal conservative, social liberal. That means to me that the government runs a balanced budget with a bare minimum of programs and agencies. I also believe in freedom of choice, except I make far less exceptions than a lot of people.
Where I split ways with liberals is where though we agree on freedom of choice, I also believe in personal responsibility for your choices, actions, and words, no safety net social programs for everything. Only for those times where you genuinely hit a stretch of bad luck and need a hand. Where I split with conservatives is that I think outside the box, and tolerate choices I may disagree with.
Perceptions and Power
Many think that conservatives want to force their values on others and that liberals want to tell you how to live because you’re to stupid to make your own choices so the government has to do it for you. That’s 2-D thinking, look beyond that, think 3-D. The examples I laid out above about the left-right perception has a common theme.
Control. You’ve now taken a pure thought and twisted it for your gain. The beginning of tyranny. Those in this realm are my enemies in the battlefield of the minds. They’re the shepherds, and those they pander to, and follow them are sheep. It’s any way of thinking that forces another’s Will on someone that I disagree with, though I allow a few exceptions such as self-defense and justice/vengeance.
Most of society believes someone has to lead, and are perfectly willing to abdicate their authority to someone else whom they’ve never met. Even those in the middle of the road, the moderates. They like the status quo, sheep who don’t bother to think at all or move left and right, up and down, depending on the situation. Moderates can be like black sheep, though this part of the spectrum isn‘t the exclusive home of that flock. They question more, not locked in a certain ideology, some thinking that governmental/religious control is needed to keep the extremes in check while willing or not realizing that the chains they’re binding others with, entangle them also. While the others are more towards libertarianism. They want both sides to have more freedoms, more tolerant, and more responsibility. Wolves prowl the entirety of the political spectrum, sheep do not. They gather in the areas where some measure of control is present.
Where Do People Fit
You have two extremes, anarchy or totalitarianism. In between these, freedoms are lost, and control is gained. Some believe in freedom of choice, but on various degrees. Pro-choice, you can’t tell me what to do with my body, but turn around and say that others have to pay for their healthcare. Some believe that you should have economic freedoms, but you can’t marry someone of the same sex. It seems most people have various degrees of self-righteousness.
I noticed a lot of people agree on:

That’s more freedom, but they disagree with:

  • Gay Rights
  • Free Trade
  • Letting People be responsible for themselves in old age
  • Letting People be responsible for themselves, period
  • Legalizing Marijuana

That’s less freedom, more control. And a few are undecided on marijuana legalization, corporate bailouts, free trade, and personal responsibility. On two issues they either agreed or disagreed, no maybe, was gay rights and a national ID. This shows me there is a battle for power. Most everyone thinks they know better than you and you shouldn’t have the choice. Either for their gain or belief that you should get in line with them. Those I speak with are selfish and/or meek sheep, shepherds/wolves in sheep’s clothing, or wolves in wolf’s clothing like myself.
The former two can’t or won’t comprehend that I won’t bow or get in line. I believe in freedom with responsibility as its counterbalance. Though not a anarchist, I’m not far from it. I realize the need for a structure to protect others from tyrants on personal, business and governmental level. And we are far from that today. This is where I stand, where do you?

© Vance Gatlin 2010

Same Direction, Different Driver?

Watched the power shift last night, Republicans took the House and gained enough seats in the Senate to lock it up. At home my blue state turned red.
As soon as the power shift was apparent, I watched hissy fits explode from supporters of the opponents. Predictable. I cast my votes for those who claimed(none proven as they’re first timers) to support issues that are close to my libertarian leanings. Most won, lost the ballot issues though, but I was in the ring fighting. Were you?
What does this mean for us. Honestly it depends on your personal views. If your side lost then it royally sucks. As for me, cautiously optimistic, now it’s time to put up or shut up. Watching Speaker Pelosi lose her position makes me smile, she and the House were going into a decidedly statist direction.
Now if the House does go into a direction where spending, perks and programs are cut along with taxes, it’ll be a good start. If our freedoms are restored without any morality police telling me how to live I’ll be happy.
Will anything get accomplished? I’d be surprised, but I predict a deadlock which to me is alright to at the moment. A stalled government isn’t  taking your freedoms. For an interesting perspective on our incremental loss of freedoms, visit Randal Lane’s site, http://hardcoremind.com, he updated it last night.
Now I will circle the edges, keeping my eyes on the re-elected and the newly elected. I’ll rest when I’m dead, always alert. I encourage you to also. I’m pushing for more personal freedoms and responsibilities, more of my money without anyone telling me I’m to stupid or immoral to live my life and that’s why we need these laws and regulations. And I go with whoever actively pushes that. What are your thoughts on last night?